Hey, I’m William.


The cases you find on this site are the culmination of my ambition to see where my creativity can take me. Although it's been a long time coming, all these cases were produced during my time at Berghs School of Communications in Stockholm. My subject is copywriting but I am passionate about the art direction side as well with skills in using all major Adobe software.

     I started studying in August following a rigorous application process in which the school had a record number of applicants. Only fifteen of them were accepted and I was ecstatic to be one of them.


I always strive to find inspiration in unexpected places and do my best. I usually dig up said inspiration in nature or when working with my talented classmates.


Now to the things that you might learn after having a friendly chat with me.

     I am 21 years old, born in Sweden and partially raised in Paris. If I hadn't chosen to study marketing my subject would have been languages. I currently speak three of them fluently and I can hold a decent chat in a fourth one. My friends call me the hopeless optimist and I never get tired of photography.



Can't wait to hear from you!


+46 70 960 15 19