SNS Tokyo - Be Game


One aspect of the well-respected japanese culture is hard work. You spend long hours working and find solace in the excentric and wonderful japanese gameshows. Thus we made a campaign for Sneakersnstuff Tokyo in the spirit of such gameshows. Here's a moodfilm to start ↓

SNS Tokyo will thus host a gameshow.

A cross between japanese gameshows and sneakerheads. This could be a one time event or a regular happening where the contestants participate in three games and win hyped sneakers.

It's all recorded and published on @snstokyo and SNS's youtube.

Game #1

You are presented with two shoes. One is made of candy, the other is made of shoe.

You get one bite – use it wisely.

Game #2

You're on a platform faced with a fast approaching wall. The wall has a hole in it. Stretch to perfectly fit into said hole or fall to your demise.

Game #3

The stairs are dotted with the most sought after shoes on the market. Do your best to reach them. Also, the stairs are covered in super slippery soap so just one small misstep will send you flying back down. Have fun!